As an organisation that focuses on disadvantaged children, we depend on institutions, companies and sponsors to cover everything from staff salaries to household appliances and infrastructure.

We are deeply grateful for our main supporters, Friends of Mother of Peace – Ireland who have surprised us with their generosity. Their contributions include:

  • Physically built eight houses

  • Funded the renovation and construction of four houses

  • Built the chapel in that is used by our families everyday

  • Funded the Mother of Peace Illovo bus that takes our children to school daily

  • Physically built 18 flush toilets at Inkwali Primary School where there were previously three pit latrines for 400 learners, including some of our children

  • Funded the renovation and fencing of the sports field and stadium as well as the building and equipping the infirmary with the contributions of The Boyne Valley Farmers Group – Ireland

A big thank you also goes out to the following institutions and companies who have helped make Mother of Peace Illovo’s work possible: